Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ELF's Essential Flawless Eyeshadow in Tantalizing Taupe [Review w/ Swatches]

Hey ladies!

I haven't posted in a while and finally have a new product to review. The product I will be reviewing is ELF's flawless eyeshadow in tantalizing taupe. This is a fairly new product and when I bought it I couldn't find any reviews on it so I'm hoping this will help anyone who is looking to buy this and wants swatches.

The new essential flawless eyeshadow comes in a variety of colors and are meant to be used together. There is a base color, lid color, crease color and a color to line your eyes with. The base color is a creamy beige, kind of a skin tone color. The lid is a perfect medium taupe color, it reminds me a bit of confident mineral eyeshadow but lighter. The crease color is darker and more brown, and the line color is a dark matte brown. All the colors are labeled in the palette.

These eyeshadows aren't very pigmented, I don't know how they would show up on medium to dark skin, I have light skin and the pigmentation wasn't too bad. My mom has medium skin and I also bought her this eyeshadow and it seemed to wear fine on her. So I think it would work fine as long as you use a primer/base!

While writing this review I put on the lid color and the base color...and even for me the eyeshadow doesn't have that great pigmentation. I did not use a base, so I will have to try again with my primer and I will come back and tell you if it worked any better. I would recommend these for someone who wants a nice wash of color without it being too out there, it's perfect for day time.

 From top to bottom for both palette pictures-base color, lid, base, and line color.
From left to right-base, lid, crease, and line.

Alright everyone that is my review, I hope to get some comments on how I can improve my blog. I am very open to any ideas or comments so feel free to write whatever you feel! Also feel free to write if you have tried this or any of the other colors! Thanks for reading!

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